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When a couple gets a divorce, and there are children involved, child custody becomes an issue. In this situation in Mississippi, you will need a Tupelo, custody attorney. This can be a very emotional time for all involved. The attorney can help assure the parent he represents gets a fair decision. In some cases, the custody issue is rather straightforward, and the parents can reach an agreement that all can be happy with. In this case, there will be no need for a judge to hear the case. The attorney only needs to draw up the papers for the judge to sign.

That is not the way most cases go. In many cases, both parents want custody, and in a few, it can get quite dramatic a situation. When this happens, it is up to the judge who will get custody. There are eight things the court will look at when deciding on child custody.

The first thing the judge will look at is the ability of each parent to be an active role in the child's life. The child needs to be in the custody of the parent that has the best parenting ability. Next, they will look at the health and gender of the child. If the child is sickly or has a chronic illness, they need to be with a parent that can understand that and deal with it accordingly. The court will be slower to award a father the custody of a pre-teen or teen daughter. The court will look at which parent was most responsible for the day-to-day care of the child before the separation happened. They would be more likely to sacrifice whatever they needed to assure the child's needs are taken care of. Also notable is that the child has the emotional support that they need.

The employment of the parent is a big issue. If the parent is required to go out of town a lot or work a lot of hours, this might be an obstacle in caring for a child. The court also considers the age of each parent and their health, both physically and mentally.

The judge must consider what the emotional ties are between each parent. If the attachment is a lot stronger with one parent, the child will feel safer with that parent. Home life is vital. The court will want to know about how stable the home life of the parent is as well as the community each one lives in.

Gene Barton is a Tupelo, custody attorney. He has been practicing law in the Tupelo area for 39 years. Mr. Barton practices not only family law, but also personal injury, bankruptcy, and criminal defense. He believes that law should be like it was several years ago. The attorney of a small town practiced law in several fields. If a person in the community had a legal need, they called the town attorney. He stands by his clients no matter what and will help them with any legal need they may have. He represents local, state and federal cases in Mississippi.

Tupelo Custody Attorney
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