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If you find yourself accused of a sex crime in Mississippi, you will need the services of a sex crime lawyer MS. According to the state law of Mississippi as well as the United States Constitution, everyone that is charged with a crime has the right to a legal defense.

This is the time that many will turn to Gene Barton Law. As a Tupelo sex crimes defense lawyer, it is his job to do everything legally possible to defend those accused of committing one of the sex crime in MS. Mr. Barton has an undergraduate degree in psychology. His experience in this and his long experience in forensics spans many years. He was the attorney that dealt with the first sex crime in the Tupelo, Mississippi area that used DNA evidence.

There are different categories of sex crimes. One of these and the most common is the violent sex crimes. Rape and aggravated rape are the most common of the violent sex crimes. Some may have other charges attached to them like assault and kidnapping. Some charges are more serious such as the charge of sexual battery. A sexual battery charge can carry a sentence of life in prison if convicted.

Another category is child sex crimes. These are the crimes that involve a child or minor under the age of 18. There are two main types of crimes in this category. One is the charge of statutory rape. Statutory rape occurs when there is consensual sex involving a person under age to give consent legally. The other is non-consensual sex involving a person that is under legal age. This could be a child, or it could be a teenager. Some of the charges under this category are charges where the child is not even present. This includes the charges of pornography or online solicitation of a minor.

Non-consensual sex crimes involving children and teens cover a pretty wide variety of charges. One of these charges is fondling. Fondling is the inappropriate touching of a child or a teen for lustful reasons. In these cases, there is not a need to prove penetration. Most of the time, in these cases, there is no proof of that the touching occurred. Sexual battery is the most serious crime in this category. Sexual battery is when a person forcibly has sex with a minor. Included are things like child molestation and sexual assault of a minor. If the child is under ten years old, they are considered too young to testify in court and defend themselves.

The area of sex crimes that have increased the most in the last few years is the category of online sex crimes. This group of crimes has increased tremendously. In these crimes, the child is not in direct contact with the perpetrator. Child pornography is a common crime in this category. This could be possession of, distribution of and production of child porn.

In the event of you being charged with any of these sex crimes and need the services of a sex crime lawyer MS, seek the professional and 39 years of experience of Gene Barton. He will do all in his power to defend you and help you deal with this trying time.

Sex Crime Lawyer MS
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