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Family disputes are among the most damaging and sensitive cases because, more often than not, these disputes have so much more at stake than just financial compensation and damages. Family law settle disputes between families and married couples, and usually decide matters such as child custody, adoption, and divorce. Most cases are so sensitive that even with typical court-mandated marriage counselling or the intervention of the Child Protection Services, these cases often lead to broken families.

In the state of Mississippi, family law disputes are best settled by a local MS Family Law Attorney who is expected to be well-versed and expertly-knowledgeable about Mississippi State Family Laws. This ensures the best counsel and representation during the court proceedings.

Family Law also includes the regulation of several complex legal disputes that range from divorce arrangements, child custody, inheritance disputes, and last will execution. While general law practitioners are expected to be well-versed about those topics, Family Law is a large body of legislation that often requires specialization to be able to interpret effectively.

What Family Law Governs?

Family law handles such affairs as the common disputes involving familial relationships and settles disputes often pertaining to emancipation, child custody, marital property, alimony, paternity, and the interpretation and enforcement of prenuptial agreements.

Children who suffer from abuse or inept parental support, and who have limited options regarding kin, are sometimes rewarded emancipation after disputes through family law. Emancipation transforms a minor through the due process into a legal independent who is no longer the responsibility of his or her parents. Marital property refers to any assets acquired by a husband or wife in the period in which they are married and is therefore divisible by law in the event of divorce. Family law governs how marital property is divided.

Other Cases Requiring a Family Law Attorney

Some of the other issues that require you to get a representation include paternity law, alimony, and prenuptial agreements. Paternity refers to the establishment and confirmation of a child’s biological ties relating to his or her biological father. Many states award several rights to biological parents of a child, including some rights that supersede those of the adoptive or foster parents. Conversely, the establishment of paternity and legitimacy through Family Law awards rights to the child, including inheritance and capacity as legal heir.

Alimony refers to post-marital support in which agreements are made through Family Law settlement to provide support during or after divorce, or legal separation is made official by the court. Alimony usually comes in the form of financial support through a single, lump-sum payment or periodic payments over the course of an agreed-upon period.  While most state laws provide their definitions of alimony, familial disputes in Mississippi regarding alimony are best left to Mississippi MS Family Law Attorney.

Prenuptial agreements, referred to colloquially as “prenups”, are agreements made by to-be-married couple determining the transfer of rights, assets, and properties in the event of death or separation. Prenuptial agreements are essentially a contract entered upon by a married or soon-to-be married couple in which they, in the future, forgo rights to their property. Prenuptial agreements are sensitive documents that, just like any other legal document, are subject to interpretation by law.

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