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Whether a client is pressed with civil or criminal charges, his or her defense attorney has to ensure that the proper protocols and due process are followed in pursuit of truth in the service of justice. Because laws in the United States vary from state to state (apart from Federal laws which are applicable throughout the United States of America), individuals or organizations who are charged with criminal or civil violations in the state of Mississippi MS are recommended to seek legal counsel from an MS Defense Lawyer. They should have a background and a more intimate knowledge of Mississippi State laws and court rulings.

While each state has autonomous legislative bodies that come up with laws and regulations applicable only to their territories, Mississippi has some unique laws that may baffle other State Courts or catch a lawyer uninformed.

Weird Criminal Laws in MS

Some of these include outdated laws that were applicable in a bygone era, while some of them are just founded on outlandish concepts. For example, in the state of Mississippi, it’s illegal to commit murder, unless it’s your servant or someone else indentured into your service. This law is an out-dated law that has yet to be abolished or amended despite having no place in today’s society.

Other such strange laws in the state of Mississippi during the past decades include making it illegal to offer marriage to a woman just for the sake of seducing her and criminalizing the interruption of church service. Such strange and outlandish laws may not even be mentioned or heard from in civil or criminal cases, but having a Mississippi MS Defense Lawyer who knows enough to know that they exist is probably a good omen for whatever charges are filed against you in the state of Mississippi.

The Difference between Criminal and Civil Law

While criminal law and civil law typically vary from state to state, the one thing that doesn’t change is the severity of treatment of each. Civil law governs disagreements and conflict between private parties. The violation thereof results in compensation or payment of damages towards injured parties. Criminal Law, on the other hand, regulates breaches of law and wrongdoings against the State. This is perfectly defined under the constraints of the State and overseen by the State Government.

Federal laws state that every man and woman born or made into a U.S. Citizen is afforded the right to legal counsel. When a U.S. Citizen is charged for either a criminal or civil violation, and if they cannot afford a lawyer, the state will appoint them legal counsel free of charge. This right is provided to everyone in need of legal counsel by the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It is a right of every U.S. Citizen in every state, including Mississippi. Defendants

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