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We've never met anyone in the Magnolia State who got married with the idea that someday they would need a Mississippi divorce lawyer. Unfortunately, the preponderance of marriages in America do ultimately wind up that way.

New York, Tennessee, South Dakota and Mississippi are the last four US states that require both parties to agree to a no-fault divorce. Otherwise, one of the parties to the marriage may be required to explain in court the reasons they want to end the marital partnership. If you have a savvy Mississippi divorce lawyer on your side, the process may be a whole lot easier than if you tried to get through this mess alone. In Mississippi, some of the most common grounds for divorce are the following:

Desertion  When one spouse leaves the marital home for one year without agreement or intention to return, it is grounds for divorce in Mississippi. Desertion can happen while spouses continue to live under the same roof, too. If one party to the marriage refuses to evince willingness to work out the problems, desertion can be claimed in court by your Mississippi divorce lawyer.

Insanity, impotence, and idiocy are all grounds for divorce in Mississippi. If the wife was pregnant at the time of the wedding, that's grounds to divorce, as well. For these conditions to allow divorce, the innocent spouse must show the court how she or he was not aware of the troubling situation at the time of the wedding.

Incest and bigamy

Two more grounds for divorce in Mississippi include incest and polygamy. The injured spouse, not the bigamist, may sue for divorce on the grounds of multiple marriages. Closely related married persons may use incest as grounds to call for marital dissolution.

Adultery or incarceration

If a spouse has been confined to the Mississippi Department of Corrections, a Mississippi divorce lawyer can use that as grounds for divorce. Insanity that developed over the course of the marriage is also grounds for divorce. If a spouse cheats, it's grounds for divorce. Habitual intoxication that renders the offending spouse incapable of carrying out their marital duties is yet another grounds for divorce in Mississippi.

To file for a divorce in the state of Mississippi, you must have been a state resident for at least six months. If you file for divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences, the court may ask for a ninety-day cooling off period before hearing your case. Even if both parties agree to the proceedings, a divorce in Mississippi can take a while. If the wife is pregnant at the time of the divorce filing, the court typically waits until after she has delivered to continue with the divorce.

Divorce is never a pleasant process, and feelings can run hot. This is why it's such a smart idea to hire a cool-headed Mississippi divorce lawyer as soon as you know your marriage cannot be saved. Gene Barton Law Firm is conveniently located at102 N. Church Street in Okolona, MS. For driving directions or to make an appointment to speak with a Mississippi divorce lawyer, please dial 662-447-2522.

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