Mississippi Bankruptcy Lawyer

When searching for a reputable Mississippi bankruptcy lawyer, there is a lot to consider. For example, does your prospective attorney have the knowledge and experience necessary for your case, or is the majority of their training in another field of law? If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you’ll need a skilled negotiator working for you. Gene Barton is the right attorney to represent you.

You Deserve a Fresh Start

Think about what clearing your financial slate would mean to your future. If you’re currently deep in debt, being harassed by finance companies or collection agencies, or on the verge of having your wages garnished, there is hope within reach. Filing for bankruptcy may be the answer to the challenges you’re facing; however, it takes a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer to determine the right type of bankruptcy for the most relief under the law.

We Specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Which type of bankruptcy is right for your circumstances depends on the details of your situation- that’s where a knowledgeable attorney comes into play. If you’re like most people, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will provide the most complete relief from being in debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Benefits

Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, you might obtain a complete discharge of unsecured debt, including credit card debt, medical bills, or other debt not supported by collateral in some way. There are certain qualifications you'll have to meet to be eligible; however, if you qualify for Chapter 7, you can experience significant benefits that can help you get out from under debt and repair your finances in a short amount of time.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Benefits

A Mississippi bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can look over your finances and help determine the best course of action in filing for bankruptcy. If you’re behind in mortgage or car payments, Chapter 13 may be the right option. You’ll agree to continue making payments on the loans you’re responsible for; however, the creditors may be willing to agree to a partial reduction on the debt, reduce the interest rate, and extend the payment terms. Chapter 13 is often a win/win situation for both parties.

Best of All, The Harassment Will Stop

From the moment we file for bankruptcy for you, creditors must remain compliant with the law, which states that collections must stop immediately. We can even deliver notification of your bankruptcy filing directly to your creditors instead of waiting until the court follows through with the notice in order to put an immediate end to the phone calls, letters, and emails.

If you feel as though you’re drowning in debt and have no idea how to get out from under the burden of your current payments, there is hope for your situation. Call a Mississippi bankruptcy lawyer right now from Gene Barton Law Firm to discuss options in becoming debt free. We’ll help you do what’s right for your family’s future, with affordable options that get results. Call us now to discuss your bankruptcy with our attorneys.

Mississippi Bankruptcy Lawyer
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