Criminal Defense Attorney MS

If you're looking for the best criminal defense attorney in MS, call Gene Barton. With more than four decades of experience in Tupelo courtrooms (and courtrooms across Mississippi), Gene has earned the reputation of being the best criminal defense attorney in MS. Indeed, keeping people out of jail is what Gene does best.

Nobody wants to end up in the defendant's chair in criminal court, but it happens! If you, a dear friend, or a loved one is in the hot seat, you need a criminal defense attorney you can count on.

The Need for a Quality Defense Attorney in MS

Let's face it, the stated and federal justice systems, though founded on the right ideals and principles, don't always work the way they were intended to. Every American is born with the notion of freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the right to justice under the law. Sadly, it's usually money, not rights, that gets people fair treatment and an equal voice under inside the courtroom. It's no secret that defendants without legal representation do worse in court than defendants with legal representation.

Why You Should Choose Gene Barton

Gene Barton is the best criminal defense attorney in MS and is a prominent figure in the state. Gene knows all the local courts' clerks and staff, judges, prosecutors, and procedures. Maintaining a reputation as an ethical, competent, and passionate criminal defense attorney for forty years means Gene Barton and his clients get treated with respect in the courts. Gene will go to bat for you and protect your constitutional rights. No other lawyer in the Tupelo has a stronger reputation than Gene Barton.

Don't Represent Yourself and Don't Trust an Inexperienced Public Defender with Your Freedom

If you have been charged with a crime; play it safe! Hire the defense attorney that the prosecutors know won't take any bull. Public pretenders will have you sitting under the jail and representing yourself in court is like going into a lion's den with T-bone steaks strapped to your body. Besides, our Gene Barton's legal services are affordable. What's more important to you; saving your freedom or saving a few dollars? When you hire the best criminal defense attorney in MS, you are investing in your future. Choose Gene Barton!

Gene Barton & Associates

Our entire legal team is highly experienced and dedicated to fighting for your rights. If you choose to hire Gene Barton, you get the support of a law firm that will protect your constitutional rights, file paperwork for you, motion the court on your behalf, consult you every step along the way, perform research, and do so much more.

If you need the legal services of the best proven criminal defense attorney in MS, choose Gene Barton and accept no substitutes. Put a bulldog on your team who's capable of being even more aggressive than the prosecutor. Mississippi has some of the harshest sentences in the nation for convicted criminals. Don't take chances on your life and your freedom.

Criminal Defense Attorney MS
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